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How to Shuck an Oyster

Why learn how to shuck oysters? Well if you want to enjoy your oyster fresh grab your Oyster Opener and get to work.

Steps to open oyster

In case you do not have an oyster opener, any screwdriver or oyster opener will work fine. But we prefer an oyster opener since it has a guard around the blade to keep your hand from slipping. Next, you would require a rag or any kitchen towel. You'll be using it to brace the oyster during shucking and to protect your hand from an accidental slip of the knife.

Step 1 - Poke

Grab your first oyster, and take a look at it. One of its two shells will have a belly to it, while the other will be flat. The belly side is the bottom, and the flat is the top. Now look for the hinge—that point where the shells are joined in a more serious way than just being held together by the muscle that is the oyster. Now fold the towel over the oyster so that only the hinge is exposed, as it is often easier to insert the knife between the shells near the hinge.

Step 2 - Pop

Insert the knife near the hinge of the oyster while holding the rest of the oyster with the towel on a flat surface. Whether you inserted the knife at the hinge or near it, get the knife into the hinge and "pop" it open by twisting the knife blade. Sometimes just twisting the knife after you put it in between the shells will do it. Rotate the knife blade to separate the top shell from the bottom.

Step 3 - Slide

Once you've popped the hinge open, slide the knife between the shells. Most of this sliding will be very easy, but the point where the oyster is attached to the top shell will provide some resistance you'll need to cut through. You've now separated the two shells that house the oyster. Remove the top shell. If there is a lot of meat attached to it, use the knife to cut (or, really, scrape) it off.

Through all of this, try to keep as much of the liquid (oyster liquor) in the shell as possible. It's delicious.

Step 4 - Enjoy

You'll want to serve oysters as soon after shucking them as possible. You can keep them cold by setting them on a tray of crushed ice.

Serve them plain or with a simple squirt of lemon juice or try some of our famous recipes.


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