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Washington State Seafood is now
Shoalwater Seafood

As many of you know, the farm went through some very challenging times in 2021, a historic heat event that killed over 90% of the farm's supply. We lost several million oysters and juvenile seeds, which led to us suspending all operations. Since that time, we have replanted much of the Hood Canal area and have formed a partnership with the Shoalwater Bay Tribe.


Together, we have built new oyster barges and implemented new growing techniques from New Zealand that use surface culture and open water tumbling. New techniques and Willapa Bay's much cooler waters have created a more stable and sustainable farming environment. 

As we move forward with these new partnerships and offerings, you will notice a name change from Washington State Seafood to Shoalwater Seafood ( It is still our family spirit at work here and our partner the Shoalwater Bay Tribe, whose many generations have worked and taken care of the waters we will be working.


We will be going live with limited operations and look forward to sending you the absolute best and freshest oysters available. We will begin our pick-up events first (Vancouver & Bellevue), with shipping and our new wholesale offering shortly afterward.


The same great oysters are available from our Hood Canal operations and we will be adding the Willapa Bay oysters as they grow and become market size oysters.

Words cannot express how much (especially myself and my family) we appreciate all the kind words and loyalty from you, the customers. Your support has lifted us and kept us going. And so it is with much excitement that we are proud to say...

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