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Ultimate Sampler - OG

Ultimate Sampler - OG

PrezzoA partire da $48,00

This is the Ultimate Oyster Sampler, now offered as a part of the Oyster Gang!


Impress your Guests or your family with our entire line of oysters.  You will receive one dozen each of our Toke Point, Kuriku, BBQ Oysters, and a dozen of one of our seasonal oysters. We will be rotating the last dozen oysters based on availability and the seasons. We have some amazing options coming soon! This is usually priced at $60, but for OG, it starts at just $48! That's a 20% saving!

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Opzioni di prezzo
Sampler Every 4 Week
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$48,00ogni 4 settimane fino all'annullamento
Sampler Every 8 Week
Subscribe & Save 20%
$48,00ogni 8 settimane fino all'annullamento
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    You have the option to choose 4-weeks or 8-weeks. Orders for 8-weeks will only be charged on those months. You can cancel your subscription for any plan at any time. Shipping charges will be added at checkout, based on Fedex real-time rates to your location.

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